How We Work

What is it like to Tour with Barbara Guide?

On this page, we’ll give you some of the results our clients have reported and  we will also give you a sense of our guiding beliefs, approach to client projects, and how we’re different from most other local Tour Operators,  Booking companies or  Local Guide Groups.

What You can Expect.

When you book through us, you can expect a tour itinerary that fits you like a glove.

Your tour will give you a full understanding of the places that you visit, in clear easy-to-follow English. You will leave feeling like you have truly had an insight into the local history and culture. You will feel reassured that a local expert is taking you by the hand to give you the best of what each site has to offer.

Naturally since you will be booking direct, you get all this without any hotel or middle-man agency mark-ups on the price you pay. We are frequently sought out by outside agencies to help them plan and run tours and events that they then sell on to their clients. You get access to this high level service but without the middle-man.

We Believe That The Itinerary Should Be Focussed Around YOU

  • Your Tour is Important – We believe that making you the centre of attention to make your tour more memorable. Rather than a slap-dash run-through with the exact same story (this happens more than you may think),  stimulating your curiosity and questions is what turns us on. By making it interactive, we have also found it helps you experience more and have a more memorable time.
  • Tours should be paced to the clients limits –We have found that everyone has their limits and people understand at different rates.  Tours should be conducted with Patience and be adapted to go at your pace. In this way, you feel more at ease and never feel like you are being overloaded.
  • Integrity is Not Optional – You are visiting for many reasons and one very important one is have a real local experience. Integrity is not optional. We work very closely you to understand more about the place and have a true local experience.
  • A tour can and should be a great “human experience” –  Sure you’re visiting for many reasons, but if your is tour impersonal because your local guide is only interested in whipping through the site to get paid and pick up the next client,  you’re going to have a pretty poor experience.  A tour can be a fulfilling and satisfying human experience. that gives long lasting memories

Our Approach – We’re Easy To Work with !

We’re above all, flexible. Different clients need different things. One size does not fit all. Although we have a variety of tour modules (see services page) that address a wide variety of travel plans, we approach each project with the same attitude: We design the tour to produce satisfaction for you or your client with the least amount of hassle on your part.

Quick Response is Guaranteed – Nothing is more frustrating working with an Agency who will not answer their phone calls or return their emails. We don’t just try to be responsive, we guarantee your calls or emails will be returned in 24 hours or less.

The right amount of words-not more not less. Our tours will leave you feeling energised not mentally drained. Each tour is tailored to your personal interest, and clients often report them to be a stimulating and energising experience!

We make places come alive and deliver the tour so that you wont want to miss a single word.

“”Although the city has been dead for almost two thousand years, you were able through your lecture to resurrect the civilization for a couple of hours and to fill our heads with images of men, women, and children scurrying along packed streets and in and out of the city’s many shops on the eve of its destruction.””

Dr. Larry W. Usilton – Department of History

University of North Carolina


We are one of just a handful of guide organisations who has the expertise to guide off the well beaten tourist track of Capri & Pompeii. Unlike many local guide services in the area who have based their whole career on just one or two locations, it is not unusual for other guides to call us to handle service requests to places that the average guide considers difficult such as Capua, Caserta or the Solfatara.

Want to go to Ischia? How about the Amalfi Coast?  No Problem. Rarely do other guides want to go off-the-beaten track as they find it just too difficult.

With this in mind, can you imagine what kind of an expert tour you will receive when we are on territory we have worked many 1000’s of times such as Pompei Capri or Naples? One thing often commented by even our most difficult of clients is that they never strayed far as they simply did not want to miss a single word.

Now you know a little about how we work, continue to here discover more in detail about our services and successful tours.

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