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Our Success Stories

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Pierretta Lorenzatou Travelled on a tailor made 6 day tour conducted by Barbara for a group of Greek Archeologists.

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Pierretta says:-

“”I can say with certainty that I felt very much at home and not at all under pressure of someone who wants to impose an impression of Italy on me
I have enjoyed this very much and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested to have a trip that is:-

  • well organised
  • to feel safe
  • not too much pressure
  • to connect life with the past in a nice way

There was a nice kind of rhythm which I enjoyed very much. I would recommend it to a friend of mine. I am very sure that people I know would enjoy this kind of hospitality. I would also recommend it to someone I don’t know.“”

Events in Rome

Successful Rome Event Participants

Happy Rome Event Participants

First of all I will thank you Barbara for the wonderful 3 days we had in Rome. You managed to create a program for us where we found a prefect mix between cultural,  agricultural, culinary and relaxing. You found for us and wonderful Hotel, the best Dutch speaking guides of Rome, terrific transport with bus, coach and Vespa in the city center of Rome.

The best way of explaining this, is saying that I would recommend your name to all my friends when  they should visiting Italy. Also I would immediately contact you Barbara if I should organize a next trip to Italy.

I hope your company can use my lovely words and when you visit Holland in the future, please contact me, I will arrange a perfect time for you.

Tuesday June 9th 2009

Monik & Erik Peterse, Project Manager

Holland Fyto BV

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BASF Netherlands

BASF Netherlands

Lous Rus
April 14 2008

Hello Barbara

Hope everything is going well with you .I was not forgotten you but the last time a little busy as you know in the spring the farmers starting up.
It is a pleasure for me to write something about you and your business. For your activities you can always use my name as a reference and also the company I am working for.
So here my story for you My name is Lous Rus and I am working for BASF Netherlands as a salesmanager in plant protection products.

In 2002 we were starting with customer trips to Italy in the area of Napels. That was also the first time that we meet Barbara. On that moment the trip was organised by a different travel organisation, but that was also the last time.

Over the last five years Barbara was our guide in lot of trips. She was responsible for everything from the moment that we arrived till the moment we leaving. She has a very good knowledge about the area of Napels and a lot of relations. Everthing will be possible and she finds for our groups every time very good locations.

But for all she is very professional, speaks english very well and you can always count on her. For me and also for my colleagues it was always a pleasure to work with her. If you want any information call me.

Kind regards

Lous Rus



Dr. Larry W. Usilton
Department of History
University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Wilmington, N.C.

“”Dear Barbara:

Once again I should like to thank you for the tour of Pompeii that you gave to my group of 37 students, parents, and others
from the United States on March 9.

It really was the highlight of our ten-day tour of Italy which took us from Venice to Florence to Rome and then down to Pompeii.
One of the older men in the group who had visited Pompeii years ago as a member of the U.S. Navy remarked that he had learned so much more about the place with you as the guide.

From a personal standpoint, I learned much from you that I can use in my “Ancient Greece and Rome” course at the University of North Carolina  at Wilmington. Although the city has been dead for almost two thousand years,  you were able through your lecture
to resurrect the civilization for a couple of hours and to fill our heads with images of men, women, and children  scurrying
along packed streets and in and out of the city’s many shops on the eve of its destruction.

Keep up the good work Barbara. If I’m ever in the vicinity of Pompeii or Naples again, I shall ask for you as a guide.


Larry Usilton

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