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Experience Capri In A Relaxing Way

Your Capri tour is designed to allow you to experience the Isle of Capri in a relaxing way. With thousands of day-trippers filling the narrow streets daily, this can be a challenge.

Our intention is for you to see the main sights, at a relaxing pace and fit everything you want into your Capri itinerary without missing anything through bad planning.

Ultimately, we want for you to feel like you have experienced the Island of Capri like a local with just the right balance of sightseeing and leisure.

Capri Tour Structure –

Your Capri tour can begin in Sorrento, Naples or directly at your Capri Hotel (or Capri marina if arriving on your own yacht) . The duration of a Capri Tour depends upon how many places you want to include and ranges from a half day to a full day.

If you only want to visit Capri Town, a half day is sufficient and transport on the island is not necessary. Should you want to include a visit up to Anacapri, then we will book transport (a taxi or minivan) as necessary.

One of the best ways to experience the natural beauty of the island is from Water level by boat (depends on weather conditions).  A Capri boat ride is unforgettable. We can arrange this upon request during your tour whilst on the island.

If you are wanting to visit the entire island, then a full day is recommended to ensure the most leisurely experience.

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In high season, the island of Capri is visited by up to 26,000 people. Since the Capri is a small island and is made up of small towns with narrow streets, it can be difficult to move around.

Of course it is possible to go to the island on your own, however we have observed that self-guided visitors rarely have the same experience as those who are escorted by an expert local guide. Without a guide, you run the risk of ending up in the tourist traps, losing time in the crowds and missing what island truly has to offer.

Even thought the island is small, the “must-see” spots are not obvious and easy to find. For example, few people even realize that the island has an archeological area…this is because it is badly signed and difficult to reach if you don’t know the way.

Sometimes, people decide to book their Capri Tour through an agency on board a cruise ship or a shore based agency. Know that the biggest complaint people make is that they had no time to see the island. This is because the agencies “hook” you into booking their tour by adding other places too…like Sorrento & Pompeii.  Since Capri is a big crowd puller, so they add that into the mix. The result is that when you arrive on the island with the 1000’s of other people, your time to really experience the island is severely limited . Why is your time limited? …because they have to drag you off to see other places they combined with Capri in the tour they sold you.

In reality, you don’t really get to EXPERIENCE the island….often at the most, you’ll share the port and Capri town with tens of thousands of other tourist….What if, one of the 50 other members of your group can’t walk very fast?….Then you will have to wait for them, and your one hour in Capri Piazzetta is now only 40-50 minutes. Obviously a tour through a big agency costs you less because you share it with 49 other people.

But the real price you pay is that you become just another number…..

We believe you deserve to be treated better…..

We offer a tour that will be the most relaxing possible despite the chaos on the island on the day you chose to visit.

Your Capri Tour will be tailored to your specific interests and structured to be as relaxing as possible.

On arrival on the island, where possible, we will guide you away from the crowds, keep you safe from tourist traps and find relaxing havens for you to spend your time. The island is full of relaxing nooks, and delicious havens when you know where they are!

We are happy to follow your rhythm through the day and make suggestions that will help you avoid the crowds.

Barbaraguide’s Capri Tour

  • A Capri tour designed to get away from the crowds where possible….and experience the true Capri Island life.
  • Be treated like a real person and not a number in the crowd…this is best way we know of making you feel like a VIP on the island of Capri.
  • Spends your time wisely- sightseeing in a relaxing way.
  • Maximum flexibility to change your itinerary according to the flux of tourist and weather changes.
  • A true experience of the Isle of Capri!

How A Capri Tour Works

A Capri Itinerary begins at the port called Marina Grande (or your Capri Island Hotel or Yacht). From here, based on YOUR interest, we will program your visit to make the best of time available.

Since the Bay of Naples has micro climates, the weather can change and be very different from place to place. For example, even if the weather in Sorrento or Naples is fine on departure, Capri Island has its own weather systems which can be different from the mainland and change throughout the day. For this reason, we prefer not to set your itinerary in stone prior to the moment our feet are on the island.

Certainly, if the weather is fine then a boat ride around to see the Faraglione Rocks -the symbol of Capri can be a great introduction.

A tour using taxis or minivans around the island with a stop in Anacapri is also very pleasant and gives you great photo opportunities. Here a visit to the Villa of San Michele is highly recommended as it sums up well what makes the island so special. You get to see the island through the eyes of the man who made the island famous – the Swedish physician Axel Munthe – this was his residence and the place he loved to come to.

Time browsing the exclusive shops in Capri town can also be a great way to pass the time and get a feel for the exclusive nature of Capri. Not forgetting of course time to sample some of the delicacies and locally produced Handycrafts.

Our experience has shown that planning each part of a Capri Island tour so as to avoid the cruise ship groups and package tours in each location generally produces the best results. This of course requires intimate knowledge of their itineraries and movements which we study with precision.

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