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Herculaneum Tours

What makes Herculaneum Unique and worth visiting?

Certainly, the site of Pompeii is more famous and bigger than Herculaneum.

At the foot of Vesuvius Herculaneum was the second most important roman city of the area after Pompeii. They were founded and died at the same time. The violent eruption in A.D.79 led to was a sinking of the Herculaneum coast where was built by 4 meters. Herculaneum was then covered by pyroclastic rock that solidified to an average height of almost 16m.

And since the site was buried in a very different way to Pompeii  Herculaneum offers you a virtually original state of preservation.

That is what makes Herculaneum unique.

When you visit in Herculaneum, you can visualize more easily how was life in a beautiful residential roman city . Rich Herculaneum houses built with new building techniques were finer than than in Pompeii.  A Herculaneum tour gives you a complete visit of the excavations summarizing this beautiful essence of Herculaneum without making you feel like you missed Pompeii.

Once in Herculaneum, you will see the public buildings uncovered, and walk among private houses and shops along the main Decumano and side streets of a city. You will discover the difference in digging techniques used here compared to Pompeii.

The essential part of a Herculaneum tour will include:

  • The Thermal men’s and women’s Baths
  • the Thermopolium shop
  • the taberna
  • the House of the beautiful courtyard
  • the House of Neptune and Amphitrite
  • the House of the wooden partition
  • the Lanarius shop
  • the Palaestra
  • the House of the Deers.

The Herculaneum tour will last for 2 hours and consists of a walking tour entirely on foot. Comfortable shoes are highly recommended as you will be walking on stones and uncomfortable cobble stones. During summer time the temperature rise up to 100°f easily and I always suggest to wear a light cap or to bring an umbrella for shade. I will always give you an opportunity for buying water and use bathrooms before and after the visit.

Herculaneum entrance tickets costs € 11,00 per person and is in addition to the tour tariff.

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