Pompeii Tours

Pompeii Tours

The uniqueness of Pompeii is that the life of this entire roman city was stopped in a flash and every building buried in 79 AD. From that moment, Pompeii disappeared underground and was preserved for centuries before coming back to the light for the first time in 16th century.

Your guided tour of Pompeii will start at the entrance of the archaeological site.

First you will start with a visual overview on a map to show you the best suggested Pompeii itinerary. Of course, standard itinerary can be personalized to you.

If visiting for the first time you may find difficult to believe that everything is real. The miracle of Pompeii is that it gives you the opportunity to go back and literally walk through history.

What happened in Pompeii was such an incredible event that it can sometimes be difficult to grasp by the first-time visitor. The first part of the visit will make clear the historical background.  Typically,  by beginning with a historical and geographic explanation of Pompeii you will understand more easily the reasons why that place was chosen for building a new commercial port city.

Crossing the “Porta Marina” (Marine Gate) and following the “Via Marina (Marine street) you will enter the Roman Forum and the social centre of the city, surrounded by the most representative public buildings of Pompeii still standing. You will enter buildings and markets around the main square where the plaster casts of the people living in the city and many finds are kept.

In order to give a complete idea of the lifestyle of the people in the roman city of Pompeii, a typical visit would also include

  • the Basilica,
  • the Macellum (market place),
  • a Thermal place,
  • a Roman House,
  • some of the most popular shops among the citizens,
  • the Lupanare (local brothel),
  • a walk along the main street
  • the Theatres (big and small).

All the historical and architectural information will tailored to your own existing knowledge and be well seasoned with curiousities about habits and way of living of the Pompeians.

The tour it will have a duration of approximately 2 hours.

Your entrance ticket is extra and not included in the tour (Pompeii entrance tickets cost 11,00 Euros per person in addition to your tour guiding fee)


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