Who We Work With

You May be asking yourself whether this is for you…

Who We Serve:-

We work with:

  • Individual Travelers, Couples,  Small groups & Families.
  • Travel Agents who book local services directly for their clients.
  • Company & Conference Planners & Incentive groups who seek the back-up and reassurance of dealing with a reputable organisation.

Are some of these statements true for you?

  • You tend to book through big city agencies or trusted professionals in your own country because trying to book directly in Italy leaves you feeling nervous about trust.
  • You are scouring the internet for information, trying to filter lies from the truth but at a distance it is so hard to trust. After all, this is a dream visit you are planning, and may only have one chance to get it right.
  • You tend to arrive with the bare minimum pre-arranged and then set the rest up on arrival, and have noticed that this can be a lucky dip.
  • You have read comments from visitors to the Bay of Naples who talk about the problems that need to be overcome to make a safe and stress free trip.
  • You have contacted several hotels, and the prices they quote you for various services seem a bit high.
  • You have tried book all this with agencies in your home country and the result was less than satisfactory. You would love to find someone local, who speaks English and has a proven track record for giving people like you a dream experience.

People who are likely to be successful booking with us include:-

* Having made sacrifices in order to make this trip, you are seeking a local expert who can add value to this dream visit you have been planning.

* You are seeking a professional who is well prepared, and able to help you reach your travel goals.

* You are prepared to go an exta mile so as to avoid disappointment during your visit And have the satisfaction of a deam come true.

* You are capable of moving around on your own (or planning to book private transport), and have a precise idea already of what you want to see and do in the Bay of Naples area.

* You are highly motivated and have been known to travel many hours to see the sights that you want to visit.

* You will go out of your way to get past the inconvenient obstacles to visit the places you have been dreaming about .

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